Battalion #8 Fire Hall at Midvale dedicated Saturday; State Fire Marshall attended

(Midvale, Wyo.) – The dedication and open house at the new nearly 10,000 square foot, almost $1 million Midvale Battalion 8 Fire Hall was held today, with a nice turnout from the community. Fremont County Fire Protection District Chief Craig Haslam acknowledged the community efforts that led to the establishment of the fire hall here over 40 years ago. Current Battalion 8 Chief Rocky McWilliams recognized current and past firefighters and Wyoming State Fire Marshall Lanny Applegate extended his congratulations to the fire district for its continued upgrade of county fire battalions.

General Contractor Mark Sehnert and FCFPD Assistant Chief Speed Hartbank grilled the hamburgers and hot dogs. Assistant Chief Dan Oakley was also on hand, as was District Commissioner Ken Metzler.

Kids attending the event were able to put out several “fires” by aiming fire hoses at two false front structures that had painted flames panels on the doors, windows and the roof. By hitting the spray of water on the “fire” the panels would be knocked out, putting out the fire.

A similar community event was held last Saturday at North Portal, where that community was also the beneficiary of a new fire hall. The next new fire hall in the county is planned for Hudson, and it will be the same size and design as the North Portal and Midvale facilities.

Ernie Over photos. Click to enlarge.