Carp fishermen asked to be respectful of other sportsmen

(Lander, Wyo.) – The Wyoming Game and Fish Department reminds anglers to please respect other sportsmen and campers when discarding carp and other fish parts.

Derek Lemon, Lander Region Habitat and Access Team Leader says “catching carp, regardless of the method, can be a fun and exciting activity. However, simply tossing the carcasses on the bank creates an unpleasant environment for people recreating around those waters. This can be a turn off for many campers and anglers. We (Game and Fish) see this occurring quite a bit around Boysen Reservoir and would love recreationists to clean up all trash when leaving. This goes a long way towards keeping sites clean and safe for the next users.”

A few ways to properly dispose of carp are to take them home, take them to an approved landfill, or puncture their air bladder and place them into deeper water where they will sink and decompose into the lake or stream ecosystem. If you have any further questions feel free to contact Kevin Johnson, Lander Region Fisheries Supervisor, at 307-332-2688.

–Provided by Wyoming Game & Fish Department