Hellers take top men’s and women’s times in Saturday’s Run Like A Bighorn race

(Lander, Wyo.) – On a bright sunny morning in Sinks Canyon 30 runners headed up the steep slopes of Sinks Canyon on a roughly 5-mile trail run to help raise funds to support the park.

The race was started last year to help raise money to get a bighorn sheep display installed in the park visitor center. It was such a hit that the park decided to make it a yearly event. This year the money raised will go towards a Mule Deer mount and display in the visitor center.

“With state parks budget cuts we have to scramble to raise money to make the park better,” said park naturalist Randall Wise. “Sinks Canyon has one of the best interpretive centers in the state and we want to keep improving it.”

The top five runners were: Brett Heller with a time of 1:02:13; Sam Hartpence at 1:04:28; John Knudle at 1:06:27; Andrew Skiba at 1:13:46; Maggie Heller at 1:15:21. All five won a gift certificate from Wild Iris Mountain Sports. All the racers times will be posted on the race Facebook page Bam Bam the Ram, Sinks Canyon Wyoming.

“It was great,” said runner Maggie Heller. “I liked the changes that made almost the whole run on trail. It is a very challenging run!”

All runners and walkers received water bottles, lip balm, and race t-shirts.

“We’d like to give a huge thanks to our sponsors,” said Darrel Trembly, Park Superintendent. “Without them we couldn’t do this race. We’d especially like to thank Meridian Federal Credit Union for the seven volunteers they sent up to help at the start and finish and along the route.” Other sponsors include Fremont Motors, State Farm Insurance, Wild Iris Mountain Sports, Wind River Casino, County 10 and the Sinks Canyon Natural Resource Council.

Next up for the park is the annual photo contest where photographers win prizes and ribbons for their best shots of the canyon and surrounding area.

All the runners times (not everyone finished):
Brett Heller 1:02:13
Andrew Skiba 1:13:46
John Knudle 1:06:27
Sam Hartpence 1:04:28
Maggie Heller 1:15:21
Aaron Dunaway 1:21:15
Cindy Hayford 1:21:33
Scott Polson 1:23:18
Tom Wilson 1:30:00
Ty Francis 1:23:36
Joe Austin 1:29:28
Robyn Baker 1:30:03
Dean Platis 1:37:54
Kaleb Simonson 1:25:57
Karen Zoller 1:26:47
Rachel Huff 1:37:54
Sarah Lancaster 2:05:24
Andrea Selley 2:08:18
Ethan Selley 2:08:16
Mundy Stowell 2:22:46
Ruger Stowell 2:17:00
Kelley Stowell 2:21:32
Grace Johnson 2:22:46
Erin Freed 2:58:55

Photo provided by Darrel Trembly.

Photo provided by Darrel Trembly.

Photo provided by Darrel Trembly.

Photo provided by Darrel Trembly.