Three arrested in Friday night incident; A driver struck a police officer with her car

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Only one incident of note was reported Friday during the annual Friday Night Cruise in downtown.

One officer at 3rd East and East Main observed a sliver vehicle drive past a barrier there, according to a police report. As the officer walked toward the car, the driver appeared to be intoxicated, There were three people in the vehicle. In an attempt to drive away and avoid contact with the police, the driver accelerated while turning, brushed the officer as he jumped out of the way, and sped off. The officer was not injured. Police were initially unable to locate the vehicle, but found it a short time later in the 600 block of East Fremont, unattended and parked.

As officers were preparing to tow the vehicle, three people showed up on the scene, and according to the report, began acting aggressively and began cursing the officers. One of the two men, Edward SoundingSides, 30, of Arapahoe, allegedly went into a fighting stance after slamming two beverages on the trunk of the car, balled his fists and made a move, spitting at one of the officers. He was Tased and subdued, then arrested. A steak knife was found in his pocket. SoundingSides was charged with Carrying a Concealed Weapon and Resisting Arrest.

The other man, 27-year-old Drew Blackburn of Arapahoe, was arrested for Public Intoxication and Resisting. The Driver, 29-year-old Darilyn Dodge of Shoshoni, was charged with Reckless Endangering and No Insurance. She was not charged with DUI as officers did not know her blood alcohol level when she was first spotted or what she had consumed in the interim. At the time of her arrest, her BAC level was .14 percent.