Gosar touts gender wage gap fix, medicaid expansion to help state residents

(Hudson, Wyo.) – Wyoming gubernatorial candidate Pete Gosar was the keynote speaker at Sunday’s Fremont County Democratic Picnic, and he told the assemblage that “I refuse to be counted out.” 

In Wyoming, Democrats are outnumbered by a margin of nearly two to one. “I need Republican votes too,” he said. He urged everyone present to recruit at least one member of the opposition party to support his candidacy. He said past Democratic governors were able to capture broad-based support in the state, “because they were authentic and supported the state’s residents.”

“Governor (Matt) Mead is having a hard time being authentic right now,” Gosar said. “Wyoming has the largest gender wage gap in the nation and I think Wyoming women are worth it. The governor turned down the Medicaid Expansion that would’ve helped over 17,600 Wyoming citizens and saved the state $43 million.”

Gosar said the rejection of the Medicaid Expansion Program has deeply hurt not only low wage earners, but local and rural hospitals “who are closing wings and reducing services. We can do better than that.” He also noted that programs supporting wildlife habitat and hunter access have been cut. “The Wyoming Highway Patrol is down by 30 state troopers, but they’re not getting any help. People are becoming uncomfortable with the status quo.”

Gosar said by putting together coalitions of Wyoming residents, Wyoming Democrats can turn that unease among state residents into votes. “A lot of people are being counted out. Ideas matter, and I’m not so cynical about Wyoming voters. I’m tired of the ‘Good Old Boys’ in Cheyenne. This is a golden opportunity for change.”

Fremont County Party Chairman Bruce Palmer also said Wyoming residents have been voting against their own interests for decades. “Democrats got Gov. Mead elected. Don’t cross over, they don’t support our ideals,” he said.