Secretary of State candidate Ed Murray talks business and board experience

(Casper, Wyo.) – A four point plan involving technology, voter turnout, board involvement and fighting fraud will be Ed Murray’s road map in the office of Secretary of State, should he win the contested seat. Murray sat down with County10’s sister site,, to talk about what’s in store should he be elected.

Murray said he wants to make technological advancements to do online what is currently unavailable. For example, he would like to increase election filings by advancing the online portal with the Secretary of State’s office.

“If we increase the use of voting centers or ‘e-poll’ books, we will make voting more accessible,” said Murray. “Which will increase voter turnout.”

Murray believes he is the most qualified in this race because his business background will allow him to provide invaluable input toward investing in Wyoming.

Murray also will be focusing on fighting fraud if he wins the candidacy.

“We have had a history of shell entities that could be utilized for illegal purposes. It is my objective to fight fraud and scams,” said Murray. “With (Wyoming) being business friendly can come fraud.”

Murray hopes to use his business history and know-how to give local governments a sense of certainty when it comes to seeking project assistance from bodies like the State Loan and Investment Board.

“My opponents in this race, their background and history are in creating the limits and the caps on the funding,” said Murray. “And decreasing the predictability of that funding.”

He offers voters the opposite view point to his opponents in moving Wyoming forward by pushing to invest Wyoming wealth back into local communities and provide certainty to those financial resources.

Murray wants to see both the education sector and tourism grow in how they use public lands. But he also wants to ensure that the energy sector is treated fairly and balanced as it is a pillar of the Wyoming economy.

“We must carefully balance the energy sector of our economy with the outdoor recreational sector,” he said. “To ensure both are supported in a balanced approach for generations yet unborn.”

Murray is a self declared family man, married for 28 years raising four daughters and a true Wyoming conservative.

“I believe in a defense of the constitution that is open and transparent,” said Murray. “There is no one working harder in this campaign to be out in this state and that is the type of work ethic that I will be bringing to the Secretary of State office.”