More than 50 members of the public attend Lander candidate forum

UPDATED to include information another forum to be held in Ethete.

(Lander, Wyo.) – With more than 50 members of the public in the audience and most of Fremont County’s Republican candidates attending, last night’s forum was well attended. Candidates from statewide races, local legislature races and countywide races took time to answer questions pared down by a small panel.

In each set of debates, each candidate was given a chance to answer one question first. Uncontested candidates were given two minutes to present themselves to the audience.

The one exception to the evening was the debate between Michael Bennett and Patrick LeBrun, the two running for Fremont County Attorney. Four questions total were asked, a break from the one per candidate seen in other races. While Bennett stressed the importance of his office is to bring justice to everyone, LeBrun said the purpose of the office was to punish those who commit crimes and bring satisfaction to victims.

Fremont County Sheriff candidates Mark Stone and incumbent Skip Hornecker differed on their stances for in-house SWAT team, with Stone in favor of limited use and Hornecker against, noting the ability to work with established tactical teams run by Riverton and Lander Police.

All three of the Republican State Superintendent of Public Instruction candidates were present and all spoke for a need to clean up the agency and limit federal intrusion.

The next of the Republican forums is tonight at 7 p.m. at the Central Wyoming College Little Theater. The final forum is Aug. 9 at 11 a.m. at Wyoming Indian High School Tech Center.

Here is a list of all candidate who participated (and those who didn’t):

-Bryan Miller of Sheridan was the lone U.S. Senate candidate in attendance. Incumbent Mike Enzi, James Gregory, Thomas Bleming and Arthur Clifton were not present.

-Secretary of State candidates Ed Buchanan and Clark Stith participated. Ed Murray had representatives in attendance. Pete Illoway did not attend.

-Incumbent State Auditor Cynthia Cloud spoke.

-Jillian Balow, Sheryl Lain and Bill Winney, all running for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, were present.

-Senate District 25: Incumbent Cale Case, Allen Whiteman and Joe Malek participated. Jennifer McCarty reportedly had a family emergency and could not attend.

-House District 33: Jim Allen attended. Daniel Cardenas was not present.

-House District 34: Incumbent Rita Campbell and Pat Moore debated. Frank Lajeunesse and Tim Salazar was not present.

-House District 54: Incumbent Lloyd Larsen spoke briefly.

-Fremont County Commissioner District 4 (Lander): Both Ray Price and Kathleen Cramer Averill were present.

-Fremont County Assessor – Incumbent Tara Berg spoke.

-Fremont County Attorney – Both H. Michael Bennett and Patrick Lebrun spoke.

-Fremont County Clerk – Incumbent Julie Freese spoke.

-Fremont County Clerk of the District Court – Incumbent Republican Kristi Green spoke.

-Fremont County Coroner – Both Mark Stratmoen of Riverton and Dominick Weigel of Lander participated.

-Fremont County Sheriff – Incumbent Skip Hornecker and Mark Stone debated.

-Fremont County Treasurer – Incumbent H. Scott Harnsberger spoke.