Noelle Weimann van Dijk shares account of last week’s devastating fire

(Lander, Wyo.) – Noelle Weimann van Dijk took Facebook on Thursday to thank friends and family for their support and to share the story of the terrible fire that resulted in the deaths of two of hers and Feike van Dijk’s children. (You can read the obituary for Noah and Zephy van Dijk here.)

Here is Noelle’s post, un-edited and re-published with the permission of the family.

Hello Friends and Family, my beloved brothers and sisters, my Prayer warriors and loving supporters……you are making all the difference in the world to us. Honestly Feike and I wouldnt be able to stand let alone go on without the Love of God shown by you all…….I cant believe this day has come to our door. it is unreasonable, unfathomable, destitute and full of deep suffering…….

“but in comes the light and hope of your hearts, of Gods spirit of his creation…..and we are given that needed ounce of healing hope and goodness each and every day. I have gone back and forth hating myself as a parent, and I know my husband suffers this too……There is no known reason stated at this point as to why our house caught on fire…..all I can tell you is this……..we had 4 minutes once our front door was shattered and a back draft commenced to flash burning everything. we had no idea the porch and front of our home had been a blaze…..we were feeding the twins with windows shut enjoying the AC……no alarms sounded no smell as the wind was a roaring and thus accelerating our destruction but carrying smells afar……I only noticed the smoke as i looked out to the playground wondering what the weather was doing. … husband bravely grabbed the extinguisher in our kitchen thinking it was a managible blaze outside…..the glass from the front shattered all over him burning his left arm horribly and the house quickly filled with 600 degree vapor…….our twins were lowered over the back fence to the beautiful humans that stopped to assist us from the highway and our son able was brave enough to run for the door without prompting. Feike and I returned to the house to find our two and four year old Noah and Zephy but the hot vapor immediately caught our hair ears clothes ablaze……….I lingered unable to enter my melting house until I stopped hearing my babies cough….I screamed for them but they were gone…..I thank you Lord for taking them quickly …..peace over came me knowing they were no longer struggling……..God gave us the strength to walk away for our lives to be spared……..pray for Gods will to be done, Pray for our ever aching hearts filled will guilt and anger at ourselves for not being able to reach them….pray that we may cling to one another and our beloved Father in heaven….pray for my son Able grieving his best friends…….I love you all and I though you should know what happened. God bless.”