Broadhead: Bomb threat this morning in Riverton unfounded; Similar threats being made in other parts of the state

(Riverton, Wyo.) – A brief bomb threat at Riverton’s Loaf N Jug is believed by police to have been prompted by a thwarted fraud attempt, but similar threats are being reported at businesses in other parts of the state.

Riverton Police Chief Mike Broadhead tells County10 that this morning a customer came into the convenience store to purchase a Green Dot pre-paid debit card to send to the IRS, who reportedly called them to say they owed money on their taxes. The clerk, having heard of the scam (the IRS does not require payment with pre-paid debit cards), informed the customer. The customer then reportedly told the scammer that they wouldn’t be sending any Green Dot cards. It was shortly after that that the store got a call from an angry subject who threatened to “blow up” the store.

Riverton Police quickly cleared the scene and no threat was found. The phone that the call came from was not traceable.

Sister site,, is reporting that Casper businesses also have been the subject of bomb threats in recent days, the most recent being this afternoon at about 2:30 p.m. at a Family Dollar location. Other targets were a Loaf N Jug and Home Depot. Casper Police have found no explosives at any of the businesses.

CPD Capt. Steve Freel tells Oil City that the threats are being made to procure merchandise from the business, which differs from the Riverton call.

A similar incident has also reportedly occurred in Douglas. All of the reports are currently under investigation.