Elderly Riverton woman scammed out of $28,000

(Riverton, Wyo.) – An 81-year-old Riverton woman fell victim to telephone scammers who managed to extract some $28,000 from her over a period of time, according to Riverton Police Department Captain C. T. Smith. The woman was told she had won a substantial amount of money but before the money could be sent to her, she had to pay the taxes. With each subsequent telephone call, more money was requested, and she sent it in.

The woman sent varying amounts of money to different callers on at least eight occasions to three different states, two different countries and made deposits through the Wallgreen’s Money Bank and purchased Green Dot cards.

“She kept records of everyone that she talked to, but unfortunately they were all fake names and addresses, her money is gone,” Smith said.

Money was sent to addresses in Arizona, Florida, and New Jersey and outside of the country to Jamaica and the Philippines. The money deposited in the money bank and with the cards was withdrawn by the scammers after she gave them the account numbers.

“This is an old running scam, and unfortunately it preys on senior citizens who tend to be trusting,” Smith said. He suggested that children of elderly parents, caregivers, other family members and friends should repeatedly counsel their loved ones “not to send money to anyone under any circumstances unless the person is known to them, and only after they confirm the need. Certainly don’t send any money on the basis of a phone call.”

The victim’s identity was not revealed.