‘Warty’ deer around Lander have skin tumors, but the condition doesn’t usually cause harm

(Lander, Wyo.) – Due to recent questions from the public, the Wyoming Game & Fish Department’s local office is spreading information about “warty” deer in town.

G&F Biologist Stan Harter confirms that the lumps seen on some deer in the area are cutaneous fibromas, which is also known as fibromatosis, fibroma tumors and papillofibromas.

According to information from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife website, fibromatosis appear “as firm, round, nodular, hairless, pigmented skin abnormalities adhered to or incorporated within the skin of deer.” The tumors are most likely to occur in deer younger than 2-year-old and happens more often in bucks.

The website states that deer are generally unaffected by the tumors unless the location and size impedes normal movements or vision. “Fibromas are not a significant cause of deer death,” the website states.

ODFW also states that disease is not known to affect humans and because it only involves the deer’s skin, an infected animal’s meat is safe to eat.