100 Day Community Challenge begins Friday at Fort Washakie

(Fort Washakie, Wyo.) – An event to showcase the positive side of the Wind River Reservation is beginning Friday morning at Rocky Mountain Hall. Organizer Michael Chingman said the event is being planned “to bring the community together for 100 days of positive thoughts, actions and events to show our community there is good amongst us,” he said. “If we come together, we can get things done together.”

Chingman said there will be something positive planned every day during the 100 days, including weekends.

“We will come together to do an elders dinner, clean a house, clean the highways, honor our veterans, stand at the post office with positive signs for people to see,” he said. Chingman also said he’d like to start Friday “fit parties,” have a tour the Rez bike ride, sponsor a night movie, conduct a Sunday sunrise prayer and cedering and more. And that’s just in August.

“I just want to show people that Social Media sites such as Facebook can be used as a great tool to spread positive feelings and thoughts.

Chingman said the 100 day community challenge has never been done before so there is no manual or book for guidance. “We will be learning as we go. I think other native communities or reservations will see how this can jump start a positive way of life, it will be used Indian country,” he said.

A community calendar will be posted each day for positive thoughts or events during the 100 days. “Every community member who is participating will have a say in the calendar of events,” he said.

On Friday, runners are asked to meet at Rocky Mountain Hall by 9 a.m., walkers should meet at the Shoshone Tribal Service by 10:30. “The kick off ceremony will start on NDN time,” he added.