Arapahoe man eviscerated in vicious knife assault at Saturday party; Suspect at large

UPDATE AT 2:45 P.M. — Angelo Jenkins of Arapahoe is identified as suspect in the slashing attack described below. Attempted Second Degree Murder charges to be filed. See the update and a photo of Jenkins here.

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Riverton police are investigating a violent assault in which a 27-year-old Arapahoe man was slashed and stabbed numerous times with a kitchen knife early Saturday morning.  The assault allegedly occurred in the 1500 block of Debbie Street.

The initial call on the incident came in from the BIA Wind River Police Department who coincidentally had an officer at SageWest Health Center’s Riverton Emergency Room when a woman ran into the facility saying a man had been stabbed.

The victim was found lying on the cement outside of the ER. He had been partially eviscerated from a slash wound on his lower abdomen and he was bleeding from numerous wounds.

The victim’s condition today was not available.

Captain Eric Murphy said detectives are currently working the case, and he said the suspect is a 35-year-old man from Arapahoe. The suspect is at large.

According to an initial police report, Murphy said a party was underway at the residence.  Others interviewed there said people had been drinking and there were no problems until the suspect began talking smack to people, trying to start a fight. The victim, according to witnesses, just walked past the man when he was attacked for no apparent reason.

Murphy said the victim was slashed in many locations, “including his abdomen where the man’s internal organs were protruding from the wound. He also had lacerations on his right arm above the elbow, on his left upper chest, a cut on his left hand and a stab wound to the abdomen. His left middle finger was cut and there was a flap of skin that indicated the slash was made in a filleting motion,” he said.

Witnesses said the suspect was using a four to six inch kitchen knife, but the initial report did not indicate if that was the total length of the knife, or just the blade.

The porch in front of the house was reportedly covered in blood, the initial police investigation revealed.

Witnesses said another man at the party was able to knock the suspect away from the victim stopping the assault. The victim was then collected and raced to the hospital. The suspect reportedly fled the scene.

No other details were released pending completion of the police investigation and the filing of charges against the suspect.