Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gosar wants to expand Medicaid and repeal the Hill Bill

(Lander, Wyo.) – The lone Democratic candidate for Wyoming’s Governor, Pete Gosar, visited Lander last week to participate in the July Fourth celebrations. He also stopped by the County10 office for a brief chat.

Gosar is no stranger to running for office; he ran in the 2010 primary, but lost to his competitor. This year, he’s the only democrat running for the office. Born and raised in Pinedale, Gosar currently works for the state as a pilot and he also serves on the Wyoming Board of Education.

When asked why the Laramie resident didn’t seek a lower office first, he said that his outsider perspective would be beneficial since he hasn’t spent years in the legislature.

Gosar told County10 there are a number of discussions that are long overdue in Wyoming. For instance, he noted that federal EPA emissions regulations wouldn’t be a problem if industry worked on its own to reduce emissions. He is also in favor of diversifying the state’s revenue sources, bridging the gender wage gap (which he called “the worst” in the country), and increasing work safety across the state.

While he understands that there are concerns in Wyoming about over-regulation, Gosar is a believer that smart regulation is helpful, not harmful.

If elected, Gosar wants to expand Medicaid in Wyoming and repeal the so-called Hill Bill. While he says he is not a Cindy Hill supporter, he does not believe the bill that stripped the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction was the right way to go. If there was an impeachable offense, that should be pursued, he said.

Gosar is also in favor marriage equality. “I support marriage for all Wyoming families,” he said. He called Wyoming a “live and let live state,” and allowing marriage for same-sex couples fits that bill.

While in Lander, Gosar ran the Challenge for Charities 5k and walked in the Pioneer Days Parade.