Thirty-Four facilities projects completed this summer in FCSD#25

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Riverton Schools Superintendent Terry Snyder Tuesday night said the district “had an excellent summer of work” on maintenance and facilities improvement projects.  “We tried to get all the bids out early to get plans and contractors ready to roll after school let out. All of the contractors did a great job,” he said, “we did have a hiccup here and there but mostly it went very well.”

Snyder said the work was not only to maintain district facilities, but he said many of the projects were designed to “impact curriculum and the learning and instruction for the kids. A good example of that is at the Career Center,” he told the district trustees.

“I want to thank Larry Hartwell (District Facilities) for keeping all the projects together. They were well supervised and we had good quality control throughout.”

Projects this summer included:

Career Center: CTE lab work included the floor, data, cabinets and windows; plus welding shop electrical upgrades, relocation of an air compressor and a parking lot seal coating.

High School: Concrete repair, conduit between the high school and career center for Myron; Pam Rivers room; renovate restrooms, chemical storage, design to repair leaking skylights, Gymnasium lighting, field fencing and three parking lot lights.

Alternative School: Parking lot reconstruction, moved dirt to the middle school playground, Dallas Myers’ office, Classroom space and HVAC unit.

Middle School: Parking lot, fencing, an irrigation pump

Jackson School: Painted the kitchen, replaced hot wells, bus drop-off lighting

Rendezvous School: Drinking fountains, Modulars installed.

Ashgrove School: HVAC Phase II, Office renovation

Aspen Park School: Re-stripe parking lot, prep sink, install a “Y” drain in the lawn from the roof.