Protecting family tradition – Dominick Weigel for 2015 Fremont County Coroner

(Fremont County, Wyo) – “Traditions are where we go when we experience a death. They are the foundational block which allow us to return to ‘normal’. Traditions are important to everyone in the face of loss. When working with members of the Fremont County Community, it is my priority to allow traditions to be followed and met, whenever and wherever possible. When laws prevent the opportunity of performing traditions, immediately it becomes my priority to assist your family in arriving at a point where the traditional portions of grieving is allowed.

I work for the justice and protection of the deceased’s rights. They have the right to have tradition present in their passing. We as a family have a right to be able to say goodbye in a timely manner, so that our traditions may continue.

I stand for family and protecting tradition. Traditions are what an individual needs to anchor their life to give it meaning. These traditions are usually deeply rooted in family and culture. In today’s society as families merge and grow together so do their traditions.”
Dominick J. Weigel Jr. for 2015 Fremont County Coroner.

Who I am


-Funeral Director & Embalmer for 14 years
-Married for 16 years with 6 children
-Community Service
-Rotary, Service Projects, Youth Activities
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-Master’s Degree
-Work Force ED & Development
-SIUC -Bachelor’s Degree
-Mortuary Science & Funeral Service
-Fremont County Deputy Coroner 7 years
-Will produce continuing education Peace Officer Standards & Training (P.O.S.T.)

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P.O. Box 404, Lander, WY 82520
Cell: 307-714-1175

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