Elect Patrick LeBrun Fremont County Attorney


This Tuesday, August 19th, I ask for your vote for Fremont County Attorney.

The County Attorney is frequently required to make very difficult decisions that impact the County in many different ways.  For example, the County Attorney is often required to make decisions that involve community protection.   For these decisions to be trusted, extensive experience within the office is required.  My years of training, within the Office, have given me that experience.  I understand the needs of Fremont County.  Most importantly, I have the experience necessary to ensure that sound judgment is applied when making difficult decisions.

I am the best candidate to maintain the enormous responsibility of the Fremont County Attorney’s Office over the next four years.  I was born and raised in Wyoming and I am a graduate of the University of Wyoming College of Law.  I have practiced law in Wyoming since 2002.  I was employed in private practice for nearly 7 years prior to my time in the Fremont County Attorney’s Office.  I was employed as a deputy attorney in the County Attorney’s Office from 2009 until this most recent April.   My opponent has only been in the office since March of 2013 and he simply does not have the requisite experience.

Every decision I make, I will make with sound judgment and with our County’s best interests at heart.

As a final note, I would like to thank all of my supporters throughout Fremont County.  During this campaign, my message has been spread to every corner of our County.  This could never have been accomplished without the help of all of you.  Thank you so very much!

I, humbly and genuinely, ask for your vote for Fremont County Attorney this Tuesday August 19th.


Patrick LeBrun, Candidate for Fremont County Attorney

Message paid for by the Committee to Elect Patrick LeBrun