Police Blotter: Arrests; Woman loses $600 in computer scam; Lawn Llamas reported stolen

(Fremont County, Wyo.) – Here is the weekend law enforcement wrap-up from across the county. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.

Fremont County Sheriff’s Office


Shannon Gothard, 46, Riverton, Failure to Appear Warrant.

Michele Jenkins, 47, Arapahoe, Failure to Appear Warrant.

Neil Redman, 26, Ethete, two Failure to Appear Warrants.

Anna Rollman, 48, Dubois, Bond Revocation.

Michael Truax, 29, Riverton, Battery. Deputies were called to East Euclid Avenue on Saturday evening for reports of several people outside a residence wanting to speak with a male subject inside the home, Undersheriff Ryan Lee reports. “The occupant did exit the residence at which time he became engaged in a verbal argument with Truax. At some point Truax began assaulting the man with his fists before fleeing the area. The man was not seriously injured; Truax was located at another Pavillion residence and taken to the County Jail on one count of Battery.”

Richard Whiteman, 24, Ethete, Criminal Entry and Interference with Police. Read more about this arrest here.


At 1:23 p.m. on Friday, deputies were called to the 800 block of West Ramshorn in Dubois for a report of a crash. A mirror of a motorhome struck the mirror of another vehicle.

At 2:27 p.m., a woman on Carbine Lane was reporting that someone was fraudulently giving out her phone number. She is now receiving calls from collections agencies.

At 3:44 p.m., a caller in the Dubois area reported she was getting a ‘help’ message from a SPOT locater used by her husband. The wife was eventually able to contact her husband via satellite phone, and determined the message was unfounded. No Search & Rescue assets were utilized.

A caller on Fairway Court in the Riverton area reported several men fighting. Deputies determined four men were arguing about employment. There were no injuries and no charges filed.

Deputies were called to Lake Cameahwait (Bass Lake) or a report of a 4-year-old girl left alone in a car. The incident was turned over to State Park Rangers.

A caller, who was reportedly rock climbing a few miles northeast of Jeffrey City reported that a man was harassing her and threatening her, telling her to get off his property. The report was turned over to a Bureau of Land Management Ranger.

A single-vehicle rollover was reported at 3:42 a.m. on Saturday on Union Pass. The caller reportedly swerved to miss some deer, and rolled their truck. There were no injuries.

At 10:52 a.m., a man on the 1100 block of East Monroe Avenue reported that the night before he caught some kids breaking windows on his car and chased them away. He said they came back and did more damage.

A two-vehicle crash on Highway 789 outside of Lander on Saturday afternoon was handled by the Wyoming Highway Patrol. Additional information will be reported as it becomes available.

A caller on the 100 block of East Euclid Avenue reported that someone carved into the side of her truck.

A mutual shoving match was reported at 7:23 a.m. on Sunday near Frye Lake. Deputies found two adults in a verbal argument and separated them.

At 7:43 a.m., a woman on Jimson Lane reported that dogs “destroyed” her sheep. Deputies were unable to locate the dogs involved, and no sheep were killed.

A woman reported at about 10 a.m. that she fell for a computer scam, losing more than $600. She said she had documentation of the scam. The report is under investigation.

A caller on Cottonwood Drive near Riverton reported that a strange person was pounding on her door at almost 11 p.m. No arrests were made in connection to the call.

At 5:44 a.m. on Monday, a caller in the area of Glen Drive and Burma Road reported that someone threw a rock at his car.


Lander Police Department


Leisa Widick, 27, Lander, LPD Warrant.

Rodney Littlemouth, 38, Fort Washakie, Public Intoxication. At 6:39 p.m. on Friday, police were called to the 200 block of Main Street for a report of someone claiming someone else shot at him. Police made contact with Littlemouth, who was intoxicated, and officers could not substantiate his claim of any assault. Lander Police Chief Jim Carey said officers gave the man a ride home and told him sleep it off. But as they were leaving the man reportedly ran out of the house and asked to be taken to jail. He reportedly had a .14 blood alcohol level.

Eldon Antelope, 49, Riverton, Lander Police Warrant.

Justin Revere, 27, Lander, LPD Warrant.

Joseph Wilner, 25, Grand Canyon, Ariz., Driving Under the Influence, Open Container, Possession of a Controlled Substance, and Hit and Run. At 11:40 p.m. on Friday, police were called to the 700 block of South Second Street for a hit and run. Police located the suspect vehicle, driven by Wilner, and subsequently arrested him.


At 9:15 a.m. on Friday, police were called about threats being made between a couple people having an argument in the laundry room of an apartment building. No charges were filed.

A man on Highway 789 reported that a dog attempted to fight his dogs and almost bit his wife. Police were unable to locate the dog in question.

A man on Amoretti Street reported that things kept turning up missing from his property. Police found no evidence of any thefts.

A minor hit and run was reported at a location on Main Street. The suspect vehicle left contact information on the vehicle.

At 7:35 p.m., police were called about a woman who appeared intoxicated, stumbling around a trailer park in the area of the 100 block of Market Street. The caller also said the woman screamed at the church on the block, asking why God doesn’t love her. Police were unable to locate the mysterious woman.

At 12:30 a.m. on Saturday, a caller in the area of North Fifth and Eugene Streets reported that someone was using a shop VAC and it was too late for the noise. The caller said it had been happening regularly. Police could not locate the noise.

A bag containing a phone, iPod and chargers was reported stolen from a garage at a business on Macfarlane Drive on Saturday morning.

At 11:36 a.m., a caller at Mr. D’s reported an intoxicated male hanging out at the business. Police located the man, who said he was waiting for a ride. Officers told the man to wait somewhere else; he did, and no further complaints were made.

A woman in the area of South Fourth and Cliff streets reported a suspicious man rolling a suitcase down the street and carrying a shoe. Police were unable to locate the man.

At 11:22 p.m., a caller at the Pit Stop told police a large man was yanking on the door of the business, kicking and apparently trying to get in. The man was gone when police arrived.

At about 2 a.m. on Sunday, a caller on Four Seasons Drive a caller reported that their daughter was missing. The girl was supposed to be home at midnight but hadn’t returned. The girl came home shortly after police arrived.

At 4:17 p.m. a caller on South Sixth Street reported that someone either urinated on or poured coffee on a building.


Riverton Police Department


Eldon Antelope, 49, Riverton, Public Intoxication (.37%BAC). Antelope was found passed out against a trash dumpster in the alley behind the north side of the 200 block of East Main. Since he had gone AWOL from the Center of Hope, he was not allowed there again for several weeks, so police arrested him.

Allen WhitePlume, 29, Arapahoe, Public Intoxication (.31%BAC). Whiteplume was found passed out and face down on a sidewalk in the 800 block of Forest Drive at 9:30 p.m. He refused to go to the Center of Hope, so he was arrested.

Chelsey Miller, 21, Arapahoe, on a Contempt of Court Warrant. Miller was found on the outside of the Boot Bar in the 700 block of East Main leaning against a wall. She told police she did not know where she lived. She also refused a breathalyzer test.

Levi Chancellor, 19, Riverton, on a Probation Revocation

Mikki Clutter, 43, Riverton, Use of Methamphetamine, Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Prescription Medication

Amber Sorrelle, 33, Riverton, on a Fremont County warrant, Possession of Methamphetamine and Use of Methamphetamine.

Kenneth Shakespeare, 28, Arapahoe, Public Intoxication (.34%BAC). Shakespeare was found behind the Boot Barn store in the alley on the east side of North Federal laying on some steps. The Center for Hope would not take him and he was arrested.

Sistenes Tofoya, 28, Riverton, Battery, Resisting Arrest, and on a Contempt of Court Warrant

Clowry Means, 47, Arapahoe, Public Intoxication (.28%BAC), and Brian SunRhodes, 30, Ethete, Public Intoxication (.34%BAC). Means and SunRhodes were found unable to walk in the parking lot of the Rivercity Bar in the 900 block of South Federal. The Center of Hope was at capacity, so the two were arrested.


A property destruction was reported at Central Wyoming College early Friday where one of three sheds was forcibly entered. A police report said the double doors of the shed were broken open with pieces of wood on the ground. The shed contained furniture for the Art Department. Nothing appeared to be missing.

Police conducted traffic control on North 7th after a car fire was reported behind Daylight Donuts at 6:51 a.m.

Police responded at 9:35 a.m. to the 700 block of West Monroe where a large brown long-haired cat with a broken leg was located. The feline was taken to the Stock Doc for treatment.

The back window of a camper shell on a pickup parked in the 1200 block of Pinecrest was broken out overnight. There was no damage estimate.

A two vehicle crash with damage over $1,000 was reported at 12:23 in the 200 block of North Federal between a 2003 Chevrolet Impala, and a black 2013 Chevrolet Suburban.

A non-reportable crash was reported at 12:23 p.m. in the parking lot at Walgreens where two customers were backing out at the same time and backed into each other’s vehicles. There was no damage reported.

A family fight reported on Thursday night between a mother and her son who was moving out of her house resulted in a request for a civil standby as the son moved out the rest of his belongings at 1:22 p.m. in the 600 block of South 1st Street.

An off duty worker at the Wyoming Honor Farm called to report two vehicles parked by Highway 789 and the Honor Farm Road and two men were reportedly examining a long rifle. The two were gone when police arrived.

A couple going through a divorce but still living together got into an argument over the mother’s spanking of a four-year-old child with a metal ruler, allegedly about 8 times. The child was allegedly misbehaving and had struck his sister in the face with his fist and threw some tongs at his brother. The soon to be ex-husband complained the punishment was excessive. Police counseled the two on how to set discipline rules. The child did not have any marks or bruises on his person. No action was taken.

A motorcycle “was run over by a vehicle” while it’s owner was shopping in the 700 block of North Federal. Damage is estimated over $1,000 to the maroon Harley Davidson. There are no suspects.

A vehicle described only as a “dark SUV” drove off without paying for $82.34 worth of fuel at the Buggy Bath Shell Station on East Pershing Friday at 7:08 p.m.

A woman complained to police that someone had stolen her wallet that contained $90 in cash, plus a debit card and several credit cards plus her identification. The debit card, before it was cancelled, had been used in a $340 transaction at Wallgreens and a $12 transaction at Safeway. Police are reviewing surveillance video from those two stores.

Oops! A white 2009 Toyota Camry backed into a city trash dumpster in the 100 block of Comanche Avenue. The vehicle had a minor dent on its trunk lid.

Police were called to investigate a reported case of threatening in the 900 block of Forrest Drive. According to a police report, a woman described as “tripping” on methamphetamine, according to the reporting party, had threatened to slit her throat if she came to her house without permission. A report was taken.


Okay, here’s the score. The raccoons being trapped in the 3100 block of West Main in a cat trap are not the same raccoons that were trapped before. The number of live trapped raccoons is now approaching double figures from the address. An RPD report on the latest capture indicated the homeowner there was painting a stripe on the back of the caught raccoons to see if any were repeat visitors. So far, no repeats. In the latest capture, two raccoons were caught. They were marked and released by Rendezvous Ponds. Hmmmm wonder if they have a garden with sweet corn at that location…

At 2:28 p.m. a resident on Rose Marie Drive called police to report that a small boy had showed up at her home and knocked on the front door. The boy was apparently lost. At the same time, the mother of the child, who thought the boy was hiding inside their house just the next street over, determined he was outside and began looking for him. She was putting a car seat in her vehicle for the child when he slipped away. Mother and child were reunited.

A man attending an auction at the Fremont County Fairgrounds was fearful that his brother would show up and cause problems, after the man encountered his brother’s son and exchanged words with him. Police called the little brother, age 40, who said he had no intention of going to the auction and that information was relayed to the older 45-year-old brother. Apparently there is an ongoing family feud.

A resident in the 100 block of Homestead Avenue complained to police at 2:38 p.m. Saturday that when he went outside to mow his lawn, some Llama lawn ornaments, fiberglass, and weighing about 90 pounds, were gone. The man told police kids love to come by and sit on them. He had taken precautions to anchor one of the Llamas down, but apparently not the other. A drive by on Monday revealed that two life-sized Llama lawn ornaments were in the yard.

Police are investigating a shoplifting incident in which the suspect, while trying to flee store officials, crashed into another customer, causing abrasions to the victim’s face. The suspect also dropped some merchandise, including a $123 value Pioneer Amplifier. Video surveillance tape is being reviewed to identify the woman.

A man who first claimed that his sister had struck him with her fists, and then alleged that she stabbed him numerous times in the All Nations Mobile Home Park, miraculously did not have any wounds on his person. The man came to his sister’s house “to drink,” he told officers, and then would not leave when his sister asked him to. Police explained that his sister owned the house and if she didn’t want him there he had to leave. Police gave the man a ride to his home nearby. The accusations of the man being attacked were unfounded.


A hit and run crash was reported in the 400 block of North Federal at 2:23 a.m. involving a red 2012 Kawasaki motorcycle and a tan 2005 Ford. No other details were available.

Here we go again, more raccoons were found in a cat trap Saturday at 7:35 a.m. in the 3100 block of West Main. They were marked and released at the Rendezvous Ponds.

A REDDI report was called in at 6:22 p.m. Sunday at in the 1200 block of West Main. An officer said the subject driving the car was not intoxicated. He indicated she was pregnant and had three other little kids in the vehicle.

Police were advised that a group of females have been partying outside of the Holiday Inn’s east side next to a suite of rooms where out-of-town construction workers have been staying. The reporting party said the women were dressed very suggestively and their interactions with the men made him think some hanky-panky might be going on. The man said when he yelled at the females, they jumped into several cars and sped away. He said the vehicle was not registered as belonging to a guest. One of the vehicles was identified as red Subaru.

At 10:02 the Smith’s Grocery Store called police to report that a woman had stuffed grocery items in a bag and fled the store and drove east on West Main. Police were unable to locate the vehicle, that allegedly contained five or six occupants, including the shoplifter. Video surveillance is being studied in hopes of identifying the suspect.