Riverton man arrested for use of meth after he told wild story of abduction and torture

(Riverton, Wyo.) – A man who claimed he was abducted for “extortion purposes” was found to have an outstanding probation revocation warrant and was arrested at 2:53 a.m. Saturday morning. The Riverton Police was contacted by the BIA Wind River Police saying they had a man in custody on the reservation who had a county warrant and they asked for RPD officers to pick him up.

Levi Chancellor, 19, told police that he was being held for, at first $200, and later for $400 by people he did not know. He was unable to provide any description of his alleged captors nor their vehicle, but he said if he didn’t come up with the money by noon, they would come back and kill him.

Chancellor was found walking down the middle of a road without a shirt or shoes. He said he was at home in Riverton when people started beating him about the face and head with a baseball bat. But Chancellor didn’t have any indication of being injured, no welts, bruises or swelling. He also claimed he was Tased numerous times “all over my body,” but again, officers could not find any evidence of such.

Chancellor’s probation officer was called and ordered a urine test. Chancellor then admitted that he had been using methamphetamine and had been up for two days.