Riverton woman high on meth arrested; Drugs and paraphernalia found in her home

(Riverton, Wyo.) – A Riverton Police officer on patrol mid-morning Saturday in the All Nations Mobile Home Park spotted a vehicle parked in front of an empty trailer. The owner of the home had complained to police that people were trespassing there.

The officer made contact with the vehicle occupant and Mikki Clutter, 43, of Riverton, said she was there to get some aluminum rims. The officer saw a beer can opened in the center console and asked for permission to search Clutter’s purse, her person and the vehicle. Permission was granted, according to a police report. Inside the vehicle the officer found a brown wood container that had inside a small clear plastic bag with a white powder inside. The officer also found a quantity of the prescription drug Alprazolam. Clutter than admitted to offers that she had been using methamphetamine and had last used at 3 a.m. that morning.

Clutter also told police that she had a glass meth pipe hidden “in her crotch.” The woman’s son arrived on the scene and said he was about to call police because someone was in their home that should not be there. Police followed the son to the Clutter residence and asked for back-up from the sheriff’s office and together they found a 33 year-old female sleeping in a recliner. The officer and deputy noticed the smell of burnt marijuana inside the home, according to a report. Also found inside the house was a razor blade on a bed in a room that was alleged to be Clutter’s, with a clear plastic bag next to it and evidence of marijuana inside. Also found were various pipes, marijuana cigarettes, a tin container with a syringe, spoon and a small plastic bag “commonly found with methamphetamine.”

The individual who was found sleeping had an outstanding Fremont County warrant and she was arrested. She was identified as Amber Sorrelle, 33, of Riverton. Her purse was also searched and a syringe was found.

Clutter was charged with use of a controlled substance, methamphetamine; possession of marijuana, and possession of the prescribed drug that she did not have a prescription for.