Two dogs attacked senior citizens in Homestead area Friday; Owner not cooperating with police

(Riverton, Wyo.) – A 19-year-old female from Riverton, the owner of two dogs who attacked two senior citizens on Friday in the 1100 block of Pioneer Avenue and on adjacent Homestead Avenue, in separate incidents, is not returning RPD calls for the dogs immunization records, Captain Eric Murphy said on Monday.

The dogs allegedly attacked  an 86 year-old woman and an 80 year-old man. The woman had puncture wounds on the bottom on her arm and a half-inch-long cut on the top of her arm. The bite  area had also swelled up to the size of an egg, and a responding officer advised the woman to seek medical attention. Her daughter was contacted who took the woman to a doctor.

The man, however, was walking with a cane and he was able to keep the dogs from biting him, although they were reported to be nipping at his heels. The owner of the dogs, and the animals themselves, were traced to an address on Northpoint Circle. When contacted by police the teen said her dogs had gotten out and she didn’t know where they were. Police, however, found the dogs under a porch in the back yard. The woman will be cited for having vicious and dangerous animals. Of immediate concern, however, is obtaining the dogs vaccination records in case more medical followup is needed by the female victim. As of 10:45  a.m. Monday, the woman had not returned repeated calls from the RPD seeking that information. The two dogs were identified by a witness as Pit Bulls, one black and one tan and white.