At Midday: Voting “slow and steady” across the county in today’s Primary Election

(Fremont County, Wyo.) – Voter turnout across the county at mid-day has been reported as mostly slow but steady according to election judges at six different precincts in Pavillion and Riverton and at the county election office in Lander.

“It’s been somewhat slow in some areas, but Shoshoni is reporting a good turnout so far,” said Fremont County Clerk Julie Freese just before 1 p.m.

By 8 a.m., 30 voters had cast ballots in Pavillion. “It’s been steady, not overwhelming,” said election judge Melinda Cox. “It traditionally slows down at  9 a.m. until the evening rush.”

In Riverton, election judge Judy Pederson had much the same report at the county fairground’s Heritage Hall where rural Riverton precincts vote. “We’ve had about  60 voters so far at 10 a.m.,” She said.

At the Fremont Center, Rev. Donna Pouliot echoed the other reports. “Were a smaller precinct, but it’s been slow and steady.”

Election Judge Cerella Overgard said her precinct was reorganized and they lost quite a few voters for a new Riverton precinct two years ago. “But people are coming in. It’s going,” she said.

Freese said that the Riverton precincts had reported about 1,100 voters by 12:30 today.

The parking lot at the fairgrounds was pretty much crowded all morning with all of Riverton’s precincts and a good number of rural precincts voting there.

Only one voting machine problem was reported today, Freese said. “We had a machine issue in one of the Lander precincts, but that’s why we have backups,” she said. “We got another one there right away.”

The polls are open across the county until  7 p.m. tonight. will report election returns as they come in to the courthouse tonight. Follow us on Twitter (@County10News) , Facebook (County 10) or on our home page (