Help a high school athlete you know prevent concussions this year

(Riverton, Wyo.) – A serious injury is something every parent fears when their son or daughter participates in aggressive sports. Thankfully there are many guidelines that schools and coaches follow to prevent any injuries the best they can.

A recent study published in the May/June 2014 issue of General Dentistry, a peer-reviewed clinical journal, emphased the importance of custom fitted mouthguards for high school athletes.

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The study concluded that custom fitted mouthguards, made in a dental office, was twice as likely to prevent concussions than the store-bought, over-the-counter mouth guards.
You can read more about the study findings, here.

Dental offices around the county provide this service for athletes.  Benchmark Dental, in Riverton, has taken it one step further.  This year, any high school athlete wishing to have a custom fitted mouthguard, can come in for a 10 min appointment to be fitted, for simply the cost of the materials, about $20. Normally these custom fitted mouthguards can cost upwards of $150.  Benchmark also has Proform Mouthguard material in custom school colors.

Benchmark Dental staff could be found last Monday at Riverton High School fitting all the football players, who wanted one, with a custom fitted mouthguard.

Dr. Brock Olson, D.M.D., of Benchmark Dental, stressed the importance of these custom fitted mouthguards, “The benefits are two-fold,” he said, “Not only do they protect the teeth, they absorb the shock of a hit to the jaw. Without a mouthguard, the shock of that hit will force the condyles of the jaw upwards, causing trauma to the skull and brain, which can cause a concussion.”

Dr. Spencer Smith, D.D.S., also of Benchmark Dental, stated, “We have seen a lot of kids come into the office with broken teeth that could have been prevented with a mouthguard.  In face we never see broken teeth from football players, because football requires a mouthguard.”

Players can contact Benchmark Dental anytime throughout the month of August to be fitted for a custom fitted mouthguard.  
Benchmark Dental – 621 N 8 St W, Riverton, WY – 307-856-9725

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