School, College and Special District Election filings closed today; See lists of candidates here

(Fremont County, Wyo.) – The general election ballot is now set for Fremont County school and college board races and for special districts. The filing deadline for those offices closed Monday at 5 p.m. Independents and other party candidates filing for county and state offices  are also listed.

The Fremont County Election Office reported the final filings after the close of business at the county courthouse as follows:

Central Wyoming College – Subdistrict 2: (two year unexpired term- elect 1)

Nicole M. Schoening, Riverton

Central Wyoming College – Subdistrict 2: (four year term-elect 2)

Larry K. Corson, John W. Mercer, Jr, and Steven R. Peck, all Riverton

Central Wyoming College – Subdistrict 4 (elect 1)

Mickey Douglas, Lander


Fremont County Commission District 4

Stephanie Kessler, Lander, Independent


FCSD#1 – Lander (elect 4)

Linda Barton, Brett Berg, Karen Nipper, Teresa Nirider, Bruce Palmer, Kirk S. Schmidt, Betsy Whitehead

FCSD#2 – Dubois (elect 4)

Karen Chandler, Trever Deakins, Jill Judd, David Stinson, Adria Trembly, Laurie Yaracz

FCSD#6 – Wind River – (elect 3)

Catherine Keene, Dawn Leonhardt, Shane Sanderson

FCSD#14 – Wyoming Indian – (elect 2)

Melissa Friday, Kelly Hiwalker, Alfred Redman

FCSD#21 – Fort Washakie (elect 2)

Dallas Coando, Carla Mann, Clinton D. Wagon, Claire Ware

FCSD#24 – Shoshoni (elect 4)

Teffany Fegler, Christine Jordan, Curt Lutz, Dain Medow, Garry Smith, Shawn Steffen, Gavin Woody

FCSD#25 – Riverton (elect 3)

Sandy Barton, John A. Boesch Jr., Lorenzo Chouinard, Larry K. Corson, Jody Ray, Mark Stone, Kevin Tippets

FCSD#38 – Arapahoe (elect 2)

Malcolm Bowers, Howard G. Brown, Michael S. Redman, Leslie Spoonhunter-Monroe


Dubois/Crowheart Conservation District – Urban Supervisor – elect 1

Mary Ann Eastman

Dubois/Crowheart Conservation District – At Large Supervisor – elect 1

Michael Kenney

Dubois/Crowheart Conservation District – Rural Supervisor – elect 1

Alicia D. Rux

Lower Wind River Conservation District – At Large Supervisor – elect 1

Ron Lucas

Lower Wind River Conservation District – Rural Supervisor – elect 1

James (J.W.) Hendry, Rolan Himes

Lower Wind River Conservation District – Urban Supervisor – elect 1


Popo Agie Conservation District – Rural Supervisor – elect 3

Jack Corbett, D. Steve Dutcher, Bryan Hamilton


Dubois Cemetery District 

Gary Shavlik, Bruce John Thompson, Margaret Wells

Mountain View Cemetery District

Robert B. Davis, Dana Richardson and Rose Stanbury

Shoshoni-Lysite Cemetery District – elect 1

Phyllis Brown

Shoshoni-Lysite Cemetery District – elect 3

David Manchester, Doris Reinert, Hazel Schaefer


Dubois Fire District, Subdistrict 3 Director – elect 1

Robert “Bob” Genner

Dubois Fire District, Subdistrict 5 Director- elect 1

Jim Butkovich

Fremont County Fire District – Director – elect 2

John W. Campbell, Paul J. Downey

Jeffrey City Fire District – elect 1

Ron Wilmes


Retention of Judicial Officers – Ninth District Circuit Court, Riverton

Wesley A. Roberts


U.S. Senator *

Curt Gottshall, Laramie, Independent

Joseph S. Porambo, Casper, Libertairan

U.S. Representative *

Richard Brubaker, Riverton, Libertarian

Daniel Clyde Cummings, Casper, Constitution

Governor of Wyoming *

Dee Cozzens, Lovell, Libertarian

Secretary of State *

Kit Carson, Cheyenne, Libertarian

Jennifer  Young, Lingle, Constitution

* As of 5 p.m. Monday, Aug. 25th at the Fremont County Election Office, the Secretary of State had not yet reported its candidate list at that time. 


To view the official candidate listings from the Fremont County Elections Office, click here. 

To view the official candidate listings from the Wyoming Secretary of State for Federal and State races, click here