RMS students started classes in a non-traditional way Monday

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Monday was the first day of school for middle school students in Riverton, and boy did they get a surprise. Instead the first day lectures, rules and procedures, teachers prepared special and fun lessons.  “It is a really positive way to start the new school year,” said Assistant Principal Brant Nyberg. This special day was called an “A Day.”

“A” day is a non traditional way to start the school year, Nyberg said. “Rather than students sitting through teachers reading their syllabi and going over rules, staff prepared their most engaging, fun lesson to teach. Everyone is expected to preach high expectations with no negativity allowed,” he said. “The goal of “A” day is to create the most positive start possible for everyone. The rules and regs come later on in the week.”

Nyberg said “A” Day is the brainchild of Dr. Laurie Barron who is now a superintendent in Kalispell, Mont. 

Photos by Brant Nyberg.Click to enlarage: