BREAKING: Rock slide in Wind River Canyon

(Shoshoni, Wyo.) – A rock slide came tumbling down the canyon wall in Wind River Canyon late this afternoon near the Boysen Dam, causing a long back-up of traffic. Vehicles were able to negotiate around the slide debris with one lane of traffic before the debris could be cleared by WYODT. Fortunately, the WYDOT maintenance foreman was in the  Shoshoni Shop and a front end loader was en route there from Thermopolis, so the debris was cleared after about 20 minutes.

Former Riverton resident Phil Christopherson told that he came upon the scene just after it had happened and was able to negotiate his vehicle through the debris, “but other folks had stopped and there was backup.”

Rains have loosened rocks along the canyon wall. One vehicle was reportedly struck by a large rock, but there was no injury.