First day of school went well in Riverton, only one facility problem reported

(Riverton, Wyo.) – The first day of school on Monday went smoothly, Riverton Schools Superintendent Terry Snyder told the school board Tuesday night. “We’re off to a great start.”

Snyder also reported that every child got to where they were supposed to be on the first day and “that there was no glitch with the bus routes.” However, he also said a couple kids got on the wrong bus Tuesday and both ended up at Aspen Park when they should’ve gone to Ashgrove and Jackson schools. “But we got them to where they should be.”

There was one facility glitch, however, and that was with the stoves at the Ashgrove kitchen. Snyder said said work was done there this past summer, and that the cooks could not get the stoves lighted and they had to warm up the student’s lunch in microwave ovens. “We’re going to fix that,” he said.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. JoAnne Flanagan said all of the schools did something fun on the first day (see that story here).

Snyder and Flanagan said they each spent over half of the school day visiting buildings and classes.