Lander’s Cornerstone Christian School has been improved, both inside and out

(Lander, Wyo.) – The Cornerstone Christian School (CCS) on the Northwest corner of Mortimore Lane and Highway 287 south of Lander was transformed prior to the start of classes this school year. According to an update provided by CCS Administrator Gail MacNaughton, the site works and and re-setting of the playground equipment has been completed, water drainage problems have been fixed, and in the process the entire rear playground was reshaped and expanded,” she told news in an email. “The finishing touch, which has already begun, will be new fencing. Additionally the front of the school has also been upgraded by our new landlord to include a new veranda and re-gravelling of the front parking area. It all looks wonderful and will also be a practical benefit to the school community.”

In addition to physical improvements to the building, which formerly housed a kennel, a mortuary, an RV dealership and other assorted businesses, the most lasting change has come inside the structure, with instructional and curriculum advances.

“Last year the teachers delivered a traditional morning of core subjects but then in the afternoon we launched integrated curriculum based on Science and Social Studies themes, with multiple connections to other disciplines, technology, and real life situations, MacNaughton said, “all the while presenting instruction on the foundation of a Biblical worldview. Both students and teachers alike loved the active, hands-on learning, and the opportunity to work collaboratively on so many interesting projects.”

New for this year, CCS is adding, incrementally, the use of on-line textbooks. “This is a great opportunity to integrate technology and text delivery, with very useful tools built into the on-line texts for both the students and the teachers. The students will be able to access their selected texts from any device that connects to the Internet, so most will be using tablets, lap-tops  or iPads,” MacNaughton said.

Provided by Cornerstone Christian School

Photos by Gail MacNaughton. Click to enlarge.