Classes began Wednesday at Wyoming Catholic College; Convocation held Sunday

(Lander, Wyo.) – On Sunday, August 24th, Wyoming Catholic College celebrated the opening of its eighth academic year with a Convocation Mass and a formal Matriculation Ceremony. During the ceremony, which was held in Holy Rosary Church, the 41 members of the Class of 2018 signed their names in the official Wyoming Catholic College Student Register, embarking on their four-year academic adventure here in Lander.

This year’s ceremony featured a speech by Lieutenant General Josiah Bunting III (Retired). General Bunting, whose career included serving as president of Briarcliff College and Hampden-Sydney College, and Superintendent of Virginia Military Academy, wrote a 1998 book entitled “An Education for Our Time.” In it, he speculated on what the perfect American education might look like, including an analysis of his ideal college — a small, Liberal Arts institution based in Wyoming, with a strong emphasis on outdoor activities.

In his speech, he challenged the students of Wyoming Catholic to recognize the value and importance of their academic voyage, and to embrace the extraordinary opportunity they have been given: “You have every reason to be immensely proud of being at this college. It stands for everything that your country needs, and needs badly, both now and over the next 80-90 years of your lives.”

Dr. Kevin Roberts, WCC’s President, echoed that sentiment, reminding his students that their days ahead would be both challenging and rewarding, and encouraging them to take the time to “cultivate the Apostolate of Friendship.”

Classes began on Wednesday following two days of orientation.

Photos by WCC. Click to enlarge. 

–Provided by Wyoming Catholic College