Fremont County still West Nile Virus free; 14 locations tested this past week

(Lander, Wyo.) – As of this past week, mosquitos trapped and tested in various Fremont County locations failed to find any evidence of the West Nile Virus, according to Weed and Pest District Assistant Supervisor Nancy Pieropan.

“I ran 14 mosquito pools from across the county and I am pleased to report that we still have no positive hits for West Nile Virus in the county,” she said. Pieropan said that she’s been expecting to see the virus in the county at any time, “so I have been testing as many mosquitos as I can.”

The species that carries the virus is known as Culex.

In the latest mosquito trap captures, 425 Culex mosquitos were trapped in Lander on July 30th with none of them showing the disease. At another location adjacent to the city, 145 Culex were trapped with the same result.

In Hudson, of 92 mosquitos were trapped in town, 83 were Culex, with no detectible WNV.

On Snavely Lane between Lander and Hudson, 1,000 mosquitos were caught, with very few Culex.

At Arapahoe, 220 mosquitos were trapped and 170 of them were of the virus carrying species.

In Riverton, 26 Culex were trapped on Davis Lane, with no virus detected. There were no mosquitos trapped at the Jackson Street trap, but outside of the city limits, where spraying for mosquitos is not conducted on North Smith Road, some 2,000 mosquitos were trapped with about 20 percent being Culex. Again no positive results for WNV were noted.

The incidence of higher mosquito numbers are in locations that are not routinely fogged for the insets. The number of mosquitos in towns is greatly reduced where fogging takes place.