Riverton man arrested for domestic battery after his wife arrived at police station with injuries

(Riverton, Wyo.) – A 30-year-old woman showed up at the Riverton Police Department lobby at 17 minutes past midnight Sunday morning shaking and sobbing to report she was the victim of domestic abuse, and that she had lied to officers earlier in the evening.

The victim said she had called 911 on Saturday night when her husband, 24-year-old Anthony Taylor, began beating her, but she hung up the phone and then told officers investigating the hang up that “everything was fine.” But apparently it wasn’t.

Taylor is alleged to have struck the victim at least four times. The victim did exhibit a bruise around her left eye and on that side of her face plus bruising and red marks on the back of her neck and back, which were photographed for evidence.

According to the victim’s story, Taylor accused her of sleeping “with every other man in Riverton.” According to a police report, the victim denied the accusation, said she had been faithful to him, but he allegedly backhanded her in the face and then struck her at least three more times on the back of her head. He also reportedly told the victim that if she said anything about the incident that he “would kill her.”

When he left the home to go out drinking, she came to the police department.

Taylor was later found and stopped in the 200 block of North Federal. He said he and his wife had watched a couple of movies that night and that nothing had happened. He also said he had “never” done any domestic violence to his wife.

With evidence to the opposite, he was arrested for Domestic Battery. Taylor’s blood alcohol was measured at .07 percent, just under the legal limit for intoxication.