Riverton man busted for Felony Drunk Driving after his 4th arrest in the last 10 years

(Riverton, Wyo.) – A 36-year-old Riverton man was found to be driving drunk, again, after he allegedly chased another vehicle through town and then rammed it.

Arrested was Jeremy Merta. According to police records, it was Merta’s fourth DUI arrest in the past 10 years, boosting the charge to a felony DUI.

Police received a report of a green Ford Explorer chasing a tan 2002 Mercury Marquis and then ramming it. A female in the car that was rammed said she had been beaten up earlier in the day, and according to the police report, “He was after me again.”

The tan Mercury was found in the All Nations Mobile Home Park with a large dent in the left bumper. At the same time police were at the mobile home park, another officer had pulled over the green Explorer in the 800 block of South Federal. Merta allegedly admitted that he had been in a chase, and he told police that a female in the Mercury had stolen $350 from “them” and he and the occupants of his vehicle were “trying to get it back.” The arrest occurred at 1 a.m. Monday morning.

The owner of the Mercury said he was not concerned with the damages to his vehicle.

The incident allegedly began, according to a police report, when the Explorer allegedly tried to run down the victim as the vehicle was speeding on Blackfoot Avenue. When leaving the residence, the Explorer then began to chase the Mercury.