Lose something? Find something? ’10 Lost & Found’ is here to help!

(Fremont County, Wyo) – County 10 recently added 10 Lost & Found! 10 Lost & Found is a vetted Facebook group designed for Fremont County residents to post items they’re missing or have stumbled upon. This would include lost pets, found cell phones, etc.

10 Lost & Found falls right in line with our mission to provide our community an all-encompassing information portal.
Our next step will be to stream the feed into county10.com, so that all readers can view the posts.

Here are the content posting guidelines the users will be required to follow to keep their membership status active, as follows:

• Postings cannot include profanity, slander, abuse, or are otherwise deemed socially inappropriate;

• Posts that do not relate to lost or found items are prohibited;
Join the group by clicking here!