Enjoy a non-toxic, bug-free summer.

(Riverton, Wyo) – Are you tired of compromising on the repel of mosquitoes for the intoxicating smell of mosquito sprays? Bloedorn Lumber in Riverton has your solution.
Stop in and check out their new non-toxic bug traps!

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-These bug traps reach a radius of 1.5-1 acre range.
-Exclusive wall mounting bracket for secure installation on walls and other surfaces requiring a secure set-up.
-Can be hung as well as wall mounted.
-Extremely effective for outdoor and indoor use.
-Effectively lures and eliminates mosquitoes using TiO2 photo catalysis.
-Eliminates other flying insects including flies, wasps, moths, etc.
-15W-48W (watt) electric consumption is economical; just under $2/month.
-Easy-to-clean and maintain.
-DC (direct current) fan with ultra-long life and whisper quiet operation.
-Durable all-weather construction.
-Completely nontoxic; does not require any additional lure or attractants

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Come by 1202 N. Federal in Riverton and consult with one of their eight local Team-Pros-
Ask for Eddie, Dave, Ron, Ginger, Paul, Jason, Thomas, or Chuck!

1202 North Federal
Riverton, Wyoming 82501
Phone: 307-856-9421

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