New name for Lander’s community center almost finalized

(Lander, Wyo.) – The Lander City Council on Tuesday evening came close to finalizing a new name for the nearly completed community center.

The consensus among the council members was that the new name should be “Lander Community and Convention Center.”

A number of ideas were thrown out at last night’s work session, including “Lander Event and Community Center,” “Lander Event and Convention Center,” “Lander Community Center,” and other variations using words like “Fremont” and “Wind River.”

But ultimately, everyone agreed the city’s name should be on it as should the word “community.” Mayor Mick Wolfe and other councilmen lobbied for the use of “convention” as well because the new community center was designed to attract larger events from across the state and region. Jared Kail of Wyoming Inc., which has been hired to help put together marketing materials, said his company’s research showed that the word “community” alone could make outsiders think the place is smaller than it is and therefore easily overlooked.

Candidate for City Council Ward 2 Ed Patik said he didn’t see a reason to change the name at all. He also said many people are upset with the look of the building and that the council should have explored a log-like design for the front. The council reiterated to Patik the process that was used to design the building, which included a committee of local residents. A log front was determined to be too costly both upfront and to maintain.

The name “Lander Community and Convention Center,” while a clear favorite, has not been formally finalized. The council is expected to vote on a resolution to that end next Tuesday.

In other community center news, the council also voted Tuesday evening to give Sehnert Systems Inc. an additional 14 days to reach substantial completion. The company requested the extension due lost time from bad weather days. This makes the new due date Aug. 22, though the company believes they’ll be done by the 20th.