BREAKING: Fuhriman and DeVille found alive

(Sheridan, Wyo.) – The missing pair in the Bighorns who have been missing since the weekend have been found alive.

Johnson County Sheriff Steve Kosizek said Search & Rescue teams have found Lander native Blake Fuhriman, 23, and Alissa DeVille, 22, alive this afternoon. Fuhriman was located by teams in a valley near Black Tooth Mountain and was flown out of the area to Johnson County Hospital. “He is doing well,” Kosizek said. He is up and walking around.

Fuhriman was reportedly able to the direct search teams to DeVille who was on Black Tooth Mountain with an injured leg. Due to her location and weather conditions, she could not be immediately flown out. Personnel might have to pack her out to a spot where a helicopter can reach her, and that might have to wait until tomorrow morning. “Safety comes first for us,” Kosizek said. Regardless, SAR crews are staying with her, feeding her and keeping her warm, he said.

What exactly happened is still to be determined, Kosizek said. Due to the recentness of the discovery, he still did not have all of the details.