Search is on for the remains of the three Uden homicide victims

(Pinedale, Wyo.) – Fremont County Sheriff Skip Hornecker confirmed today that the search is on at Fremont Lake for the 1980 Uden homicide victims.

Last November, 71-year-old Gerald Uden pleaded guilty in Wyoming’s Ninth District Court to murdering his ex-wife, Virginia, and her two boys Richard who was 12, and Reagan who was 10, back in 1980.

Hornecker said Undersheriff Ryan Lee joined forces on Monday with Division of Criminal Investigation officials as well as a contracted company to launch a search of Fremont Lake for the remains of the trio. Gerald Uden confessed in court that dumped their bodies in barrels in Fremont Lake. As of this morning, Hornecker said nothing of significance had been found.

“We haven’t found anything yet,” he said. “They’ve been dealing with weather and wind.”

The services of Cross Marine Projects has been loaned to investigators to aid in the search. The company has specialized equipment and expertise in underwater search and recovery missions.

Hornecker was unsure if any end date had been set for the search, should nothing be found.

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