6 Benefits to Listing your Job Opening on PitchEngine Communities

Still posting your job openings in the paper? Having trouble attracting quality candidates?

Today’s connected candidates are looking online and using their phones to find their next job. Check out our top six benefits of posting your Job Opening to PitchEngine Communities:

1.PitchEngine Communities is a mobile-first platform, so you’ll reach the most connected, and plugged in candidates. Take a look around next time you’re in line at the grocery store. Most folks are on their mobile device. That’s where your candidates are looking, and that’s where they’ll see your job posting.

2. Our team of experts at PitchEngine will work with you to build your job posting. We’ll work with you to ensure potential candidates learn as much about the job and your company prior to applying for the job opening.

3. We have the ability to target whatever audience you’re interested in. At the moment, we have 7 Community News Streams across Wyoming, and we’re growing. Simply put, we have the largest audience in Wyoming.

4. Not only will your job posting live on our PitchEngine communities homepage, it will also get tweeted out as well as pulled to our facebook page.

5. This post is more than a job posting for your company. It’s a chance to tell your story and connect with your local community.

6. We can include almost anything you need in your job posting. We have the ability to attach applications, include a link to your website, upload as many photos and videos as you’d like, and more!

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But, don’t just take our word for it, read what our advertisers have to say:

“The job in the job posting linked has been filled. Please remove it. We had an overwhelming response and found a great employee through County 10.” – Local Physician that wishes to remain anonymous

“We have received several strong resumes via the Tech/CSR ad. Definitely a bigger response than I was expecting, which is great.” – Travis Homi, Central Bank & Trust

“About 98% of the applications we received were from people who saw it on County 10.” – Gloria Leadbetter, Fremont County Group Homes

Interested in using PitchEngine Communities to post your next Job Opening? It’s easy. Simply click the blue button on our homepage that says “Post An Ad”or click here.

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