A Lifestyle that needs assistance…learn more about Assisted Living Communities

Warm Valley Lodge

If you’re wondering if an assisted living situation is right for someone you know, here are some questions you may want to ask:

  • Is a family member having trouble maintaining their home?

Perhaps the chores associated with home maintenance are becoming more difficult. The vacuum may be too heavy and the shopping and lawn care is getting to be too much work. There are many expenses associated with home care and assisted living offers worry free maintenance and upkeep.

  • Do they have trouble remembering medications and appointments?

Many daily activities such as bathing and medication management may have become confusing and the repercussions compromise their health and well-being. An assisted living can take the worry out of these situations.

  • Do you have safety concerns?

Does the house floor plan have elements such as stairs, bathrooms, kitchens that may be hazardous? Cooking may be familiar but there is a risk of burns, scalding or fire danger. Sometimes the bank will call with concerns over odd account activity or unpaid bills. In an assisted living community there is staff available to help you with all kinds of needs.

  • Do they need help from others on a regular basis?

Many times people living alone have a sense of independence but are in fact dependent on many others for their care and support. An assisted living community has all the amenities and the resident can focus on living and enjoying activities they have always loved such as reading, painting, walking, or fishing.

  • Have cooking and other daily chores become more difficult?

Often people living alone loose interest in shopping for and cooking nutritious meals and it impacts their energy and health. At the Lodge we serve 3 beautiful meals a day and dining is relaxing and social.

  • Perhaps they feel isolated, and would like more companionship and activities.

Assisted living communities have a variety activities and social functions that make life more interesting. A resident can participate as much or as little as they would like. There are exercise Mary playing angelic tunes.programs, game night, movies, and study groups, computer classes, knitting, bowling and painting classes. At Warm Valley Lodge we watch the wildlife on the river and spot big game on the mountain. Happy Hour is every Friday and we have lots of guests who join us!

If you or a loved one needs assistance with day to day living contact Warm Valley Lodge, Wyoming’s newest assisted living community (must be 18 years or older).

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