Save 10 cents with every gallon. Find out how…

Who doesn’t love to save money? Especially on gas! Right now you can sign up for a Sinclair Green Card at any Pit Stop Travel Center across County 10 and save $.10 off on every gallon you pump.

Check out the details:

  • No annual fees.
  • No monthly interest charges.*
  • No min/max purchase requirements
  • Instant savings at the pump, every time!**

Pick up an application at any Pit Stop location or apply online.

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*The Sinclair green card is not a revolving line of credit, which means no interest payments and the balance must be paid in full each month.

**Savings given at the pump at participating locations. Offer subject to change without notice.

Pit Stop Travel Centers

901 West Main, Riverton

838 North Federal Blvd., Riverton

819 South Federal Blvd., Riverton

1315 West Main, Lander

602 West Ramshorn, Dubois
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