Prevention Management Organization of Wyoming, Fremont County

What is the mission of the PMO?
Through collaboration and partnerships, the Prevention Management Organization of Wyoming is dedicated to strengthening the prevention efforts around alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, suicide and chronic disease.

 What is the vision of the PMO?
A healthier Wyoming, free of suicide, chronic disease and the abuses of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

How is the PMO organized?

  • A staff of 10 organizational leaders fulfill the leadership, communications, marketing and administrative duties from offices in Buffalo, Cody and Cheyenne.
  • Four Community Prevention Managers (CPMs) – two who oversee alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and two who oversee suicide prevention – provide local strategic planning, community support and capacity building from base offices in Laramie, Buffalo, Casper and Kemmerer.
  • The PMO has a total of 42 highly skilled and well-trained Community Prevention Professionals (CPPs) dedicated to work individually or in teams in their respective counties.
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