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As another year comes to a close we pull up the analytics to see which of the 4,000+ stories from 2017 on County 10 garnered the most views. In reverse order of opens (to naturally build anticipation), here they are:

#10 The Falls as you may have never seen them

Few topics are as discussed as water. Whether it’s snow pack or flooding or simply cascading over the falls at Sinks Canyon, we love our water. 15,000 people wanted to watch this short clip of the falls as they raged this past Spring. You can rewatch it now and relive Spring in Fremont County.

#9 Riverton man, barricaded in home for years, fired shots at law enforcement during standoff

This excerpt refreshes our memories of this odd story: “Since 2010, Pickering has been barricaded at his residence located at 45 Minter Lane north of Riverton, only known to have left the home very few times in the last six to seven years,” Lee said. “Pickering would call the Office and make threats of violence if we attempted to apprehend him.”

Fortunately, it was a peaceful resolution.

#8 Wind River Indian Reservation Plays Lead Role in New Film, “Wind River”

Are you getting as tired of telling your non-local friends that this movie wasn’t filmed here as we are?  Regardless, we all took a bit of pride in being in the national spotlight with the release of this movie. Stay close to your phone: With it’s recent online release, we get to relive it all again.  🙂

#7 Wisconsin Hunter Survives Grizzly Attack Near Dubois

This minute-by-minute recounting of a grizzly attack had over 20,000 reads. It’s a lengthy edge-of-the-seat reading that is further justified by some of the lessons learned that this hunter shared with us.

#6 Five killed and three injured in 17 Mile Road crash Saturday night

The title describes this horrific event. As with every story that means informing the community about a known tragedy, we do so to be timely and to minimize the rumor mill that typically ensues (mainly online). This unfortunate accident was reported to you over multiple stories as events unfolded. This is intentional, so that we can share what is known and confirmed and what is speculation. We won’t wait until the entire story unfolds to bring you information.

#5 Coroner: marijuana use contributed to triple fatality crash

In 2017, we learned that there’s a significant, growing, and vocal contingent of people that are calling for the legalization of marijuana. All news that involved pot erupted on our social platforms (e.g., Facebook). We abhor a tragedy in our community. We share these stories after careful fact-checking and with a mindful eye on ensuring that the content helps our community heal, learn, and grow.

#4 Outbreak notice from Wyoming Dept of Health

I guess this one shouldn’t have surprised us. “Outbreak” is a fairly concerning word. We’re proud that the Wyoming Dept of Health recognizes as the quickest way to reach the most people in Central Wyoming. We’ll continue working to keep the community apprised of emergencies.

#3 Will wildlife be fooled into bedding down for the night during the eclipse?

It was a simple question. But, obviously, one that was on many people’s mind. Actually, this post had 4 times the number of readers than there are people in Fremont County. So much for being just Fremont County’s news source.  🙂

#2 Queen of Yellowstone is gone: found by hikers dying, famous female wolf euthanized

Yellowstone officials investigate the death of the famous alpha-female wolf’s death.

#1 First 90 Kangaroos released in Wyoming

And it wasn’t even close. While this one wasn’t an actual story from Fremont County, you could make an argument that the April Fool’s joke WAS the story, as it grabbed mentions on national news sites as well as (famous fact-checking/mythbusting site). This story had over 2 MILLION opens. Unfortunately, the bandwidth needed to keep from crashing cost us $3,000, but we think the fun was worth it. Readers logged in from around the world. Outside of the US, Australians viewed this story more than people from any other nation (predictable, we suppose). Perhaps, these Aussies will come visit us?

Thank you for reading, contributing and helping us promote Fremont County as a great and informed community!