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Patrick Walker, BLM archaeologist with the Casper Field Office, presented details about the Ferris airplane wreck to the public Tuesday May 16th at the Hudson Town Hall. It’s an incredible story of survival and tragedy for Dorothy and Dalton LeMasurier when they crashed their private airplane on Ferris Mountain in 1957.

Walker had a chance to record the site of the crash in 2010 as part of a BLM fuels reduction and habitat improvement project through the Rawlins Field Office. His presentation correlated the historical accounts with the physical material remains at the site.

Walker fielded many questions during his outreach and education presentation sponsored by the Fremont County Archaeological Society. In-depth questioning continued after the presentation by several members of the audience. You can learn more about the crash here.

h/t Leniegh Schrinar

h/t Leniegh Schrinar