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Seeing our community through someone else’s eyes can be a strong reminder of what we should be grateful for.

So, when Floridians Bri and TJ added a video review of their weekend in Lander with their 4×4 Ford van, 30′ Airstream, and two dogs, the result leaves us locals pining for our Summer and being reminded of the impact that we can have in visitors lives.

“We really loved Lander, what a great town. I’m slightly embarrassed that all the locals are going to watch me butcher the Popo Agie River’s name ?,” shared Bri when we reached out to her for some additional information. We think that’s the best part.

They currently post to their full-time RV living video blog titled “Embracing Detours” each Tuesday. Please visit it and leave them some nice comments for their work capturing what we love about our community.