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(Dubois, Wyo.) – The Fremont County Sheriffs Department on Wednesday served a “cease and desist” order on the new owners of the Three Spear Ranch on Little Warm Spring Road, demanding removal of a gateway arch and fencing on county right of way.

“There is a  roadway incursion with the fence, and I want to move forward on a cease and desist order,” said Commissioner Jennifer McCarty.

Chairman Travis Becker said the  commission decided to let the issue lay dormant as the ranch was for sale last fall. “When this issue first came up in October we wanted to see how it (removal) would progress,” he said. “The sale has not been completed but the new landowner is using that existing fence that we allowed to stay up. It certainly is within the right of the county to ask it be removed.”

Becker said the new owners had not responded to a letter asking for removal of the gate and fencing, thus they agreed to have the sheriff’s department serve the order.

The archway and fence sits within the county’s 60 feet road right of way.

A request to have the road vacated was denied by the commissioners last fall.