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Fourth of July calls for some big bangs and colorful sparks that light up the night.

And a joyous night it is, for the folks at Flying Phoenix. In all their excitement, they’ve stocked the shelves with hundreds, possibly thousands, of fireworks ranging from smoke bombs and snaps to mad bats and weeping willows.

Here’s their lineup of some of their favorite fireworks (which just so happen to be ON SALE):

6 shot Artillery for $9.95 Buy One Get One Free (While Supplies last)
6 blasts in a variety of colors in every package. The Artillery offers a big blast at a small price.

25 Shot Saturn Missile Battery for $0.95
A popular among the smaller works – This little guy shoots 25 noisy little missiles into the night sky.

Catcall Fountain $19.95
And for the finale, the Catcall Fountain is a great choice if you love bright lights and loud firework shrills. About a minute of squealing, popping and sparkling fun!

There’s more!

Flying Phoenix has everything you need to make your 4th of July Fireworks celebration spectacular.

Weeping Willows are back this year, plus they carry all the popular brands like Shogun, Dominator, Cannon, Winda, Brothers and Black Cat. And of course, Flying Phoenix is the home of the Cowboy Brand!

Flying Phoenix is open 11a – 9p until July 1st. After July 1st they will be open 10a – 11p.

2 Locations: 1540 Main St in Lander | 2 Dalley Rd in Riverton

Cash and Credit/Debit Cards accepted. No checks.