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#getoutside, a series focusing on our County 10 outdoor lifestyle, is brought to you by Wind River Outdoor Company in Lander. 


Fly Fishing is just one of the many adventures that Wyoming has to offer. If you’ve been playing around with the idea of learning to fly fish, we think it’s about time to put down the remote and head to the water! With this #getoutside series, we explain some of the basic terminology you’ll be hearing out the gate and some tips to help ease you into this amazing sport.

Whether beginner or expert, there is always room to increase your casting efficiency. A more efficient cast will ultimately lead to a relaxed casting motion. Here’s three tips to perfecting your cast.

  1. Reduce your false casting. Strive for “pick up–lay down” cast – no false cast. There are only three reasons to false cast: 1) change direction, 2) change length, or 3) dry your fly. If you’re false casting for any other reason – it’s just for show.
  2. Practice casting at home and you’ll enjoy your fishing outing more. Spend most of your time on short (<40’), efficient casts with one or zero false casts. Long casting is overrated, as you’ll spend little actual fishing time attempting maximum distance casts. Keep practice sessions short – no more than 15 minutes. Your arm will get tired and your casts sloppy.
  3. Practice line mending on moving water. Mending line means throwing a curve into your fly line after the line hits the water. With the rod held low in front of you with a stiff arm, flip the rod by rolling your wrist, usually in the upstream direction. The result is an upstream curve that the current will have to invert before it will pull on your fly. It’s best to release some slack line as you make the mend, otherwise you’ll move the fly when you reposition the line. Mend whichever direction you need to put in appropriate slack.

Amidst all this practice, try adding these line care habits.

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