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#getoutside, a series focusing on our County 10 outdoor lifestyle, is brought to you by Wind River Outdoor Company in Lander. 


Fly Fishing is just one of the many adventures that Wyoming has to offer. If you’ve been playing around with the idea of learning to fly fish, we think it’s about time to put down the remote and head to the water! With this #getoutside series, we explain some of the basic terminology you’ll be hearing out the gate and some tips to help ease you into this amazing sport.

Once you’ve found the right line, here’s some basic fly line housekeeping die-hard fly fishermen abide by.

Purchase a new fly line at the beginning of each season. And, purchase the best line you can afford. The cost is small in comparison to the benefits. Changing to a new line immediately improves your casting – at any skill level. Be sure to place the line ID sticker on the outside of the spool. Give away your old, but still usable, fly line to a child or friend. And, take the opportunity to give them some casting lessons. Or, better yet, take them fly fishing!

Clean your lines frequently. The process typically takes less than five minutes. You can use mild soap and water. Clean more frequently if you fish ‘dirty’ water – still water or moving water with lots of organic material.

Avoid practice casting on hard and/or dirty surfaces, like asphalt roads or dirt lots – it trashes your line. Practice on water whenever possible for realism. Second best is grass or artificial turf if you don’t have easy access to a body of water. Clean the line afterwards.

Before you begin fishing, take a few minutes to stretch out and smooth your fly line and leader by removing the memory coils. Enlist the help of your fishing partner or secure the end of your fly line to a fixed object like a tree or car. Straighten the leader by pulling several times through your fingers.

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