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#getoutside, a series focusing on our County 10 outdoor lifestyle, is brought to you by Wind River Outdoor Company in Lander. 


True or False?

“Wind River Country boasts some of the best fly fishing in the country.”

Us locals know that’s a TRUE statement and as one veteran fly fisherman said this week, “the trout are cooperating.”

Fly Fishing is just one of the many adventures that Wyoming has to offer. If you’ve been playing around with the idea of learning to fly fish, we think it’s about time to put down the remote and head to the water! With this #getoutside series, we explain some of the basic terminology you’ll be hearing out of the gate and some tips to help ease you into this amazing sport.

As a beginner, you’ll spend a good percentage of your time casting, as you figure out the proper technique. Be patient with yourself. Practice makes perfect but there’s no better learning experience than to spend time actually fishing v. false casting or resting your arm. An easier casting line can help reduce arm fatigue.

Whether beginner or expert, there is always room to increase your casting efficiency. A more efficient cast will ultimately lead to a relaxed casting motion. Pay close attention to the feel, tug, and weight of the line as you practice. You’ll feel the fly line tug at your line hand towards the end of your forward cast. Over time, you’ll develop a feeling for when to release the line in your off hand and before you know it – you’re shooting line and casting farther. As your casting improves, you’ll spend more time fishing and less time untangling your lines.

As you get suited up, you’ll need to find the right line. Early on, this can seem confusing but we try to break it down for you here.

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