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#getoutside, a series focusing on our County 10 outdoor lifestyle, is brought to you by Wind River Outdoor Company in Lander. 


Fly Fishing is just one of the many adventures that Wyoming has to offer. If you’ve been playing around with the idea of learning to fly fish, we think it’s about time to put down the remote and head to the water! With this #getoutside series, we explain some of the basic terminology you’ll be hearing out the gate and some tips to help ease you into this amazing sport.

As a beginner, you’ll spend a good percentage of your time casting, as you figure out the proper technique. An easier casting line can help reduce arm fatigue. Early on, finding the right line can seem confusing but we’ll try to break it down for you.

Fly lines are described on the spools as such:

  • WF (weight forward) Trout
  • DT (double taper) Trout
  • LB (long belly) Easy Mend, or
  • WF (weight forward) Superfine

Which line taper should you choose? We recommend going with WF (weight forward) tapers to start. These work very well in most situations, and are by far the most popular lines in the world.

For special situations, consider LB (long belly) or DT (double taper) lines. LB tapers work well on small to tiny streams where casts are short. LB tapers also work well when making long casts in windy situations, because DT tapers have the least amount of mass at the end of the fly line, they’re the preferred choice when stealth and delicacy are the primary concerns. DT lines let you make the lightest possible presentations. Also, as the name implies, DT lines are equally tapered at either end. Simply reverse the line on the reel once one end is worn. It’s like getting two lines for the price of one!

Weight-forward is a special taper for full-and lower-mid-flexing rods. With these rods, delicacy is the name of the game.

Once you collect your line(s), follow these line care habits for a great casting experience each time.  As you begin your fly collection, see why Wind River Outdoor Company uses midges to increase their success while fly fishing.

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